Praise for Caregiving in the Comfort of Home® Elder Care Materials

The Complete Guide & Mini-Guides

“I can’t say enough about the reception caregivers provide with the information and training they receive on ADLs.  Thanks for your incredible information!”  J. Skaggs, Caregiver Coordinator, Northern Arizona Council of Governments District III, Area Agency on Aging

 “We use The Comfort of Home®  for the foundational text in our 40-hour Caregiver training. I believe it is the best on the market.” Linda Young, Project Manager, College of the Desert

 “The Comfort of Home® : A Complete Guide for Caregivers continues to earn its reputation as the ‘bible’ for providing home caregivers to aged, ill or handicapped loved ones with a thoroughly  ‘user friendly’ illustrated guide that covers everything necessary from daily living tasks to preparations for hospice care, to making funeral arrangements. This is a complete and superbly organized, 400 page comprehensive ‘how to’ manual that will  help the caregiver to develop their skills, expertise, and confidence, which will in turn enhance their peace of mind with respect to the quality of life they are helping to afford their charge. Also available in the Spanish edition, The Comfort of Home™: A Complete Guide for Caregivers is a ‘must’ for anyone having responsibility for helping another to continue to live in their home, prepare them for having to move into an extended care facility, or to help make final arrangements. Three other outstanding and highly recommended specialized manuals for professional home care from CareTrust Publications include: The Comfort of Home™ for Parkinson Disease, The Comfort of Home™ for Stroke and The Comfort of Home™ Multiple Sclerosis Edition.  The Midwest Book Review Paul T. Vogel

“A must have resource for anyone assuming or considering the caregiver role. Physicians, family practitioners and geriatricians, and hospital social workers should be familiar with the book and recommend it to families of the elderly.” – Reviewers Choice, Home Care University Quality Review

“In my 20 years of direct and academic experience, The Comfort of Home®  is the most comprehensive and reader-friendly guide to care at home that I have found. Anyone dealing with an aging friend or relative can benefit greatly from using to it.” Judith Bartmann, PhD, Director; Institute for the Study of Aging – Nova Southeastern University

“Resource of Note” National Chronic Care Consortium’s CareLink

What are the basics needed in home care? This covers the needs of home care; from bathing and wheelchair transfers to avoiding illness and getting health care advice. Pros and cons are outlined along with a step-by-step program for caregivers. Notable here are the specifics; from understanding special equipment for home care to assessing different insurance plan options: where others focus on psychology alone, this gets down to the nitty gritty.” – The Midwest Book Review

“…covers the essentials of home care in a practical, easy-to-follow format.” – The Troy Record

This book is an excellent, comprehensive and easily understood resource for caregivers.” –Linda M. Pace, CISW, Director; Pathways Program, Foundation for Senior Living

“This extremely practical book provides family caregivers information about how to meet the physical care needs of their loved ones and how to travel the maze of decisions related to home care and care in long term care facilities. I found the information well-presented and very practical.” Sylvia McSkimming , PhD, RN; Executive Director, Supportive Care of the Dying

“Excellent book” – MAGEC MESSENGER, A University of Miami MAGEC / GRECC Publication

“This book is an excellent, comprehensive and easily understood resource for caregivers.” –Linda M. Pace, CISW, Director; Pathways Program, Foundation for Senior Living

“The Comfort of Home is a basic guide to providing home health care, which is one of life’s most formidable challenges. It will be particularly helpful to those who live in rural areas and do not have professionals readily accessible.” –Western Wire, Western Rural Development Center (Winter 1999); Reviewed by Vicki Schmall PhD, Gerontology Specialist,Professor Emeritus, Oregon State University

This book is well thought out and laid out. It is a step-by-step guide that all caregivers need regardless of the care receiver’s chronic condition. Both formal and informal caregivers will benefit from reading this book.” Suzie Cashwell, Administrative Coordinator of Valdosta State University, South Georgia CARE-NET

COPD Edition

This COPD Caregivers reference book is an easy to use guide to support any caregiver, family member or friend.  The Chapters are well organized and the illustrations are excellent.  The Guide is very thorough and provides the framework to give the best care for a loved one while emphasizing the importance for the caregiver to take time to care for themselves.  This resource belongs in every home.–Diane Walsh, Volunteer, C.O.P.D. Information Line Caregivers Program, Co-Founder, COPD Foundation


“This book should be read by anyone who will undertake the role of caregiver for family members with chronic lung disease. It will alert the potential caregiver to important issues to address in their new roles. It provides a source of comfort to know that others in this position have successfully adopted a challenging new and important task for their loved ones.”–Barry Make, MD, Co-Director, COPD Program, National Jewish Medical and Research Center

 “This book is very well done and easy to read; it is an excellent reference for caregivers.–Thomas L. Petty MD, Founding Chairman and Chairman Emeritus of the National Lung Health Education Program

Alzheimer’s Edition

“This is an exceptional book that gives the reader tips on how to care for family members with Alzheimer’s Disease. Each chapter discusses some behaviors caregivers might encounter along with tips on how to make the home safe. The goal of the book is to help family members with Alzheimer’s to stay at home for as long as they can before having to go into a nursing home. The chapter on reducing frustration for family members was very interesting and informative. Ideas on how to reduce this frustration included information on noise levels, changing of furniture and daily routines. The author also gave resources on how to look for nursing homes, what one needed to do to prepare the family member for the move and addressing end-of-life issues. “The Comfort of Home for Alzheimer’s Disease: A Guide for Caregivers” would be a wonderful resource to have; it was easy to read and the suggestions were very helpful.” Reviewed by Carol Hoyer for Reader Views

“The Comfort of Home for Alzheimer’s Disease, A Guide for Caregivers” is an excellent reference book for anyone who is involved in the care of an Alzheimer’s patient. The book is well organized, clearly written, with some very simple and effective forms that can be copied and used to ensure that all caregivers have the essential information they need to provide competent care. The authors emphasize the need for the caregivers to obtain support for themselves, and give practical advice about where to go and who to contact for assistance… As a 30-year veteran of the home care industry, I feel that I am qualified to provide meaningful commentary on this particular book. I am a Registered Nurse, with a Master’s degree in Nursing, and I would recommend this book be a part of every library where any healthcare worker or layperson who is involved in the care of Alzheimer’s patients can use it for planning, teaching, monitoring and evaluating the care that they are providing.”– Reviewed by Mary Durfor for RebeccasReads

Heart Edition

“Advances in technology and medical therapies have significantly improved the lives of patients with heart failure. But day to day it is the “simple” measures that can matter most.  The Comfort of Home for Chronic Heart Failure is an invaluable compendium of useful and practical information to help patients and their caregivers manage chronic heart failure.  The ideas and helpful hints go beyond heart failure care making this book a useful resource for any family dealing with a chronic medical condition.”–Nicholas Smedira, MD  Cardiac Surgeon, Cleveland Clinic


“The Comfort of Home for Chronic Heart Failure is a “must-have” for the over 5 million families (in the United States alone) dealing with this major disorder. Many books have been written about heart failure for physicians, nurses and other health care providers. A few have been written for the heart failure patients themselves. This is the first to be written specifically for the caregiver– until now, the ‘silent partner’ in the war on this deadly disorder. This book is wonderfully written with detailed explanations and discussions as well as quick “bullet” points on each page to make reading more educational and fun. While the book is targeted to the caregivers, it is a “must-read” for health care providers as well, providing details about home care, financial resources and end-of-life planning not available in the existing medical textbooks. It will forever occupy a key spot on my office bookshelf.–David O. Taylor, M.D., FACC ,Professor of Medicine, Director, Heart Failure Special Care Unit,  Director, Heart Failure/Transplantation Fellowship, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

“This book is a unique resource for individuals who care for patients with chronic heart failure.  It is packed with solid advice and practical tips for caregivers on how to take care of patients and themselves. It is written with passion and affection by individuals whose commitment and dedication to patients are evident on every page. It is an essential guide for anyone who cares for someone with chronic heart failure.” Steven E. Nissen MD MACC, Chairman, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Professor of Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Lerner School of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University

Liver Edition

This is an exceptionally well written reference which should prove invaluable to people with liver disorders as well as to the family and friends who will assume responsibility for providing care to these individuals.  The authors have successfully married a wealth of information with an easy reading style.  I was particularly impressed with their ability to convey the essential components of very complex subjects to readers who lack formal medical training.  The notes and tips interspersed in the text serve to artfully focus the reader’s attention and to emphasize key elements and concepts.–Andrew S. Klein, M.D., M.B.A., Esther and Mark Schulman Chair in Surgery and Transplant Medicine,  Director, Comprehensive Transplant Center, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

MS Edition

“Meyer and Derr (coauthors, The Comfort of Home Caregiving Journal), in collaboration with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, have compiled a large amount of detailed, practical advice on caregiving for MS patients in an easily digestible format. The book is divided into three major sections: one that addresses decisions about and preparation for homecare, one that deals with the activities of daily living, and one that collects additional resources such as a glossary, lists of abbreviations and organizations, and types of medical specialists. Every page has something useful to offer, e.g., caveats, checklists, sample forms, and schedules. There are helpful graphics throughout, demonstrating, for example, range-of-motion exercises or how to make a bed with someone in it. This is an invaluable addition to bibliographies for the home caregiver. Hospital libraries will want to have a copy on hand for physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, and any staff dealing with MS patients and their caregivers. Highly recommended for all public libraries and consumer health collections.”Library Journal -Cleo Pappas, Lib. of the Health Sciences, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago

“This book is empowering to caregivers and patients by offering step-by-step answers to the many questions that we face day-to-day.   A broad stroke of issues, with clear visuals, this book is easy to read, in a well-organized format with critical information and resources at your fingertips. If home is where the heart is, this book educates the reader about the many issues that stand before people living with chronic conditions and provides answers and avenues for getting the best care possible.  I will definitely keep a desk copy for myself as well as for my medical team and friends who will benefit from this concise and realistic view of managing life with a chronic condition.  It’s a manual for decision making through difficult times.”Kathleen Wilson MA, MFA; Founding President MSWorld, Inc.;

“This really is a must-read for anyone who cares for someone with MS. People with MS who are currently care-free (or care-less) would do well to read it also. Mindfully illustrated, well-organized, and exhaustive in its breadth of information, the book addresses the important issues facing those who are trying to retain quality of life at home while coping with worsening MS.  There are chapters on major hurdles, such as financial planning, deciding on and implementing the level of care needed, and adaptive physical/material considerations. There are usefully illustrated chapters covering body positioning and transferring for one who cannot move voluntarily. There are also detailed chapters about hygiene, catheterization, feeding, and otherwise maintaining both the body and spirits of a loved one with MS. Those details could be chilling for one who has MS and may be daunting for a caregiver, too, but the writing is calm and supportive. One feels encouraged to explore options rather than run from unpleasant realities.There are, thankfully, suggestions for caregiver relief and extensive resources for outside aid involving respite care and vacation/travel arrangements. There is discussion of the potential for abuse (both of caregivers and of care-receivers). End-of-life planning is also covered. There are lists of agencies that may be of help. Our life experience doesn’t generally prepare us for coping with disability as a matter of course. This book might reasonably have been titled “Caregiving for Dummies” for it at least touches on almost everything one might ever need to know. In fact, there is much in the book that I wasn’t even aware was knowable. Writing as a reviewer who has worsening MS, I can’t say I felt light-hearted while reading it, but I would refer to this book without hesitation should I need the knowledge it contains. The possibility of a loved one’s MS worsening is always a threat. It is good to know that someone has taken the trouble to research and organize the information one might require and to present it invitingly. It is, indeed, a comfort.”Reviewed by Dean Kramer, Essayist, Author of Life on Cripple Creek; Essays on Living with Multiple Sclerosis, Management Team MSWorld, Inc.


“This book should lighten the load for anyone giving or receiving care at home.–InsideMS, Theodosia Kelsey

“The collaboration between Maria Meyer and Paula Derr with Kimberly  Koch and Diane Afes from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in presenting The Comfort of Home Multiple Sclerosis Edition is a huge success.  The information in this book is presented in a clear, precise manner that is easy to follow.  I realize the  book is geared towards multiple sclerosis caregivers but it has so much  information that is useable for me, a person living with MS, that it will find  a valued spot in my library of books on multiple sclerosis.  The tips, notes, checklists, resource information, and the publication guides are all great tools.  Anyone living with MS, whether patient, family member or caregiver, will find information that they can immediately use in this edition.”–Teresa Rapozo

The Comfort of Home®  Multiple Sclerosis Edition: An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide for Multiple Sclerosis Caregivers (The Comfort of Home®) Highly recommended. Can never have too much help in making life easier for all of us! Valued Spot in my Library of Books on Multiple Sclerosis The collaboration between Maria Meyer and Paula Derr with Kimberly Koch and Diane Afes from the National MS Society in presenting “The Comfort of Home Multiple Sclerosis Edition” is a huge success. Highly recommended.

“The Comfort of Home® : An Illustrated Step-By-Step Guide for Multiple Sclerosis Caregivers by co-authors Maria M. Meyer and Paula Derr RN  is a comprehensive and practical guide written for anyone, especially family members, responsible for the care of someone with MS. No experience or knowledge is presumed of the reader; chapters walk one through everything from basic advice for making one’s home safe and comfortable to ensuring a balanced diet and sufficient exercise to avoiding caregiver burnout and much more. Simple black-and-whi