Where We Support Caregivers


AFGANISTAN – Provide books to Operation Medical Libraries, whose mission is to collect and distribute current medical textbooks and journals to war-torn countries through a partnership with American medical schools, hospitals, and physicians and the United States military.

AFRICA – Provide Caregiver Assistance News for HOPe AfricA for caregivers in Nigeria and Uganda.

ALASKA – Caregiver newsletters for programs for professional and family caregivers through agencies such as Caridad Home Care and Norton Sound Health Corp.

AMERICAN VIRGIN ISLANDS – Provide the National Family Caregiver Support Program with books and newsletters to train and support family caregivers and grandparents caring for grandchild.

EUROPE – Licensed Caregiver Assistance News content for Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide for use in patient/caregiver newsletters in Europe for Novartis Pharma AG.

FRANCE – Provided content for Novartis Pharma S.A.S.’s website. Novartis has developed a web-based platform called “Virtual House” as part of its commitment to proximology, a new area of research focusing on the relationship between patients and caregivers. A novel, personalized service, Virtual House helps patients and caregivers reduce risks of domestic accidents and improve the safety, comfort and quality of life for chronically ill persons living at home. Most people with severe, chronic illnesses want to continue living at home as long as possible — with their families in familiar surroundings. It is often necessary, however, to rearrange living space to make homecare easier for both patients and caregivers.

GUAM – Provide caregiver training and support materials to the University of Guam CPS/School of Nursing, Social Work/ Health Sciences.

HAWAII – Family caregiver support through the County of Maui – Office on Aging.

IRELAND – Family and patient education and support for the Parkinson Association of Ireland.

PHILLIPINES – Provide the National College of Business and Arts (NCBA) caregiver guides for its professional training program. Provide books through Operation Medical Libraries.

PUERTO RICO – Provide Spanish edition books for training to Academia Viemar and the Job Connection Center in San Juan.

SINGAPORE – License Mini-Guide content to the Centre for En