Caregivers – Let’s Take Care of You!



Helping caregivers to take care of themselves is one of the greatest gifts you can give to a caregiver.  This 10-issue per year newsletter, Caregivers – Let’s Take Care of You! is designed to help caregivers avoid stress and burnout, encourages use of back-up care, communication with the family and care team, coping techniques, health and well-being, resources, advice from experts, and much more.

Each Newsletter is four pages of uplifting, practical answers to the issues that caregivers face. Newsletters are easy to read and peppered with illustrations and caregiver self-care tips.

The newsletters are designed to be customized with your organization’s name, information.




Yours to reproduce! Photocopy and distribute or email to your caregivers, or post it to your agency’s website—saving you hours of work and hundreds of dollars! Your l