Conference Speaker

Maria Meyer “Very moving keynote! You hang on her every word because you can easily identify with what she is talking about.”
—Arleen Evans-O’Reilly, Director Virgin Islands Family Caregiver Support Program

Maria, a powerful, energetic speaker, ignites
caregivers with tools to develop an outlook of strength and peace of mind, no matter what external events arise. An engaging storyteller, she gets her audiences to laugh as they learn how to decrease stress and increase energy. Maria is an entrepreneur, author, trainer, keynote speaker—and a caregiver. As a pre-teen, she was a caregiver for her mother, who had a serious heart condition. When her father-in-law suffered a stroke in 1993, Maria became aware of the need for better information about how to care for an aging parent, a responsibility shared by millions of Americans.

This experience led Maria to co-author the award winning guide, The Comfort of Home:® An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide for Caregivers, earning the Benjamin Franklin Award in the health category. Its popularity led Maria to publish other caregiver resources, including the Caregiving Journal and caregiver newsletters in multiple languages. She is a keynote speaker and workshop leader on caregiver topics to healthcare professionals and community groups. Her company, CareTrust Publications, provides government agencies, healthcare companies, church senior ministries, pharmaceutical companies, HMOs, and nonprofit organizations with resources for caregivers.

Maria lives in San Francisco and is the Northern California representative for the Caregiver Action Network (formerly the National Family Caregivers Association).


Health Care Professionals
In this interactive workshop, caregivers learn the art of communicating with physicians through more effective communication techniques. Using the workbook provided and role-playing the skills learned, caregivers gain confidence to become better advocates for themselves and their care recipients.

In this workshop caregivers learn to use The Comfort of Home® Caregiving Journal to record and track the condition of the person in their care, and how to unburden themselves of their thoughts and concerns. The Journal becomes an easy place to express pain, struggles, frustration, fear and loneliness.

Meditation and Stress Reduction
This workshop teaches simple ways to meditate—any time and anywhere—bringing peace of mind to those coping with the crush of caregiving responsibilities. Participants learn how to use laughter to relax, even when nothing in their lives seems funny, and learn how to develop an outlook that will be a source of strength and peace of mind no matter


  • An energetic presentation of the National Family Caregivers Association’s Principles of Caregiver Self-Advocacy, empowering caregivers to care for themselves.
  • Simple, practical advice that health care professionals and counselors should give to caregivers. The presentation underscores the unique contribution the caregiver makes to the family unit and society.
  • Self-care and stress reduction tools, including the importance of humor and laughter therapy. Participants learn how to “laugh for no reason.”
  • Maria shares the personal story of how a su