Newsletter Formats Available

  1. CareNews-November-2012_Page_18 x 11 Format View sample here:    8 x 11 Format
  2. 11 x 17 Format View sample here: 11 x 17 Format  with a Quiz  View here: Quiz   
  3. Cartoon Replacement Text Format: Replace the placeholder text in the page 3 Cartoon space with your own text or leave our text. View here:   Cartoon Replacement Text Format       
  4. Electronic Quiz Format: Caregivers can fill in Quiz answers electronically. View here:   Fillable Electronic Quiz Format     
  5. Electronic Quiz and Cartoon Replacement Text Format. View here:      Electronic Quiz   + Cartoon Replacement Text Format 
  6. Cartoon Replacement Text plus Electronic Quiz plus Fillable Blank Page. View here:   Cartoon Replacement Text + Electronic Quiz + Fillable Blank Page Format

Bonus! Word and Art Format: Have your own newsletter? Ask to receive the a Word doc plus illustrations to add to your own publication! Newsletter done!